About Us

Poise & Aplomb is a dream a little over 10 years in the making....It's long been a passion of all of ours to make ladies look and feel as fabulous as they think they are. Coined in 2012, Your Poise & Aplomb should be your most glittering ornament. 

Poise & Aplomb was founded in St. Augustine, Florida by Lindsey Skye Maguire to give women the ideal online shopping experience they deserve. As a local real estate agent, with a presence that is expressive and confident, she has always been inspired by fashion and wanted to be able to offer an online boutique designed with an ambiance like every girl's dream closet. In addition to Lindsey’s vast business acumen, Avery Barnett and Stephanie Hudgins, who have an undeniable passion for fashion, wanted to bring their artful eye to a specialized online boutique setting where they can help more people look their best—and be surrounded by the best attire to make it instantly possible.

Centering the clothes around the idea that color and patterns are a powerful way to radiate optimism and positivity, they began individually hand curating the clothes, and searching all over the country for head-to-toe wardrobe selections for their customers. Flawlessly coalescing vintage & modern, casual & dressy, flirty & feminine and edgy & classic, sassy & southern.

Whether you’re in the mood to simply browse around, or you want to checkout with a fresh new look that fits you perfectly, Poise & Aplomb Boutique was designed to satisfy your every fashion wish.